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Mouth To Mouth Co., Ltd. is a call center provider (outsource call center) comprising of quality personnel and professional and highly experienced team in the areas of call center service, telemarketing, public relations, state of art software, hardware and information technology. We are able to meet the needs of our customers including inbound calls, outbound calls, services of SMS Marketing , SMS Solutions and FAX Marketing.

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We strive to meet the expectation and understand the products and services of our customers. We are about to work under pressure as we have highly experienced team working jointly with professional team leaders.

We strongly believe in the values and abilities of our employees who are able to work creatively together. We pay close attention to all the details. Our employees commit to treat our customers under our slogan “Your customers are important to us.” We also aim to reduce operational costs of call center system installation for your company and enhance the potentials, competitiveness and ongoing sale volume of your business.

Why us?

Hassle free from outsourcing staffs and day off;
Random monitor the performance of operators with audio file is provided;
No more stress from handling with customers;
Reduce employment/ training costs;
Reduce complications from software installation; no IT knowledge required;
Maintain the service standards;
reduce operational costs of call center system installation;
Increase sale volume as there are always operators available around the clock;
No hidden service costs

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Hotline : 091 745 1441
Line : @m2m
Facebook : mouthtomouth

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